Aresh's roots as an artist, educator, and community activist, grew from the fertile soil of Shiraz, Iran, a city of enchanted gardens, where Hafiz’ mystic love poems are recited by heart around the table.

Aresh uses earth-based arts and public celebration as key ingredients in his co-creating with communities in finding solutions for a just world. He is frequently found in NYC community gardens. He is an experienced organizer and direct-action facilitator, whereby his communal integration of arts has lead to the preservation and enhancement of over five hundred community gardens in NYC.
As the co-director of More Gardens! free South Bronx Summer Camp for children and their families, he has opened the door to the power of nature to strengthen community and friendship for all involved. He embraces and teaches green art education, activism, and wellbeing at many schools and universities, in the US.
Aresh loves to participate in green educational projects with children and young people at schools and universities.
Aresh’s works as a visual artist with the themes of community, nature and social justice have been shown internationally.

Aresh is a graduate of NYU’s master of arts program, he plants the seeds of art, education and justice in cooperative neighborhoods.

He has worked with NYU, New School, Vassar, Hampshire, Pitzer College and other schools to produce educational art shows and workshops with puppets and imagery about community gardens, social and environmental justice issues. Aresh co-directs  the “Rise Up and Green the Bronx” free summer camp for children, now in its eighth year with the focus on nature-based experiential learning and art-making. At the camp children and their parents deepen their relationships within their communities, the environment, and with themselves. As co-chair of the legislative committee with NYCCGC, Aresh works on legislation to make all community gardens in New York State permanent and for community gardeners to be major decision makers in all matters pertaining to our community gardens.

Aresh has collaborated and created visionary works of art reflecting the various neighborhoods’ culture, love of land, rights for self determination & permanence. Some of his works include the creation of Esperanza community garden’s Coqui - where New Yorkers camped inside the Puerto Rican frog and defended their beloved green oasis; the Cabo Rojo Sunflower - where the pair of garden defenders climbed and perched in between the petals, 30 feet above the hot peppers with an arm braced into a steel tube lockdown; the Community Garden Caravan - lead by the giant Monarch Caterpillar pedaled by 12 New York bicyclists alongside Green Dragonflies, Ladybugs and 12 feet high corn driven bicycles (watch out traffic lights) weaving in and out of NYC’s community gardens; NYC Street Theater with human sized puppets highlighting peace and justice; the current works have been of sacred geometry earth-works such as the Padres Plaza Ying Yang rock herbal beds and the egg chicken coop in the Children’s Magical Garden.

Also a prominent advocate and expert in the community land use rights, he led the New York City Community Garden Coalition's policy and legislation committee.

Specialties: collaborative community earth-based art, environmental educator, speaker & presenter, summer camp co-director, direct action art coordinator, community facilitator, encampment director (defending community gardens), mayoral forum producer, and photographer.Aresh Javadi is from the city of gardens and poets Shiraz Iran. He's an artist, educator, and community activist rooted in nature. For the last 20 years, Aresh has created, taught and organized nature-based art to guard and enhance community gardens in NYC and nationwide. Aresh has a special affinity for children and youth. He co-founded and co-directs the More Gardens! free South Bronx Summer Camp and often teaches about the connection of art and activism at local universities.